The modern all-you-need PMS platform

Moder is cloud-born modern PMS-platform to sell and operate all aspects of your travel business with ease and efficiency. Moder is a continuously developing platform for your hotel or resort. You can manage all your products from accommodation to spaces and activities all in one system.

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Forerunners’ travel management platform

Manage your accommodation with ease on Moder – the modern PMS. Best suited for resorts, boutique hotels, small & medium-sized hotels and destinations. If you are looking for a cloud-first mobile-friendly system, look no further!

If you can read, you’ll know how to use Moder.” Intuitive and easy to use UI

Best in business booking engine

Combine and sell all your travel products from accommodation to activities in one booking journey.

Channel manager

Manage 60+ booking channels and pricing in real-time from Airbnb to

Always at hand

Moder has been designed mobile first for travel businesses and guests alike


Manage digital passenger cards, upselling and real-time updates for the guest

Housekeeping and maintenance

Keep track of room cleaning, allocate resources and manage task lists

Group management

Handle and arrange group bookings, multi-room bookings and spaces directly in Moder

Analytics and reporting

Monitor sales, costs and review accounts in the Moder reporting suite

Easy pricing

Sell your travel products at the right price every time, with Moder's easy-to-use pricing tools.

Secure payment and invoicing

Connect integrated and secure payment portals to your commercial funnel (Paytrail & Stripe). Send invoices and monitor payments directly in the Moder PMS.

ModerAI - Dynamic pricing

Machine learnt pricing tools that understand your company’s past and predicts future rates.

In development
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Timeslot-based products

Activities and rentals

Manage and sell time-slot based products on the same platform with your overnight products. Whether it’s a spa appointment, meeting room, dinner booking, rental or experience – Moder manages resources and availability.

Upsell dinners, activities, rentals and experiences at time of booking through your booking engine and post-booking through GuestApp. All upsales linking back to real-time resource management all on the same platform.

Save time, sell more and welcome happier guests. Everybody wins!

Experience-led booking journey – night x time-slot

Sell your timeslot-based products standalone or connect them with your overnight products. Guests can book their stay and at the same time book a table and a spa treatment.

Manage activities and experiences

Manage and sell your activities and experiences with real-time resource management and availability on one easy-to-use system. Create a dedicated activity webshop and booking funnel or upsell and combine your activity products with overnight packages for your guests.

Manage rentals

Add rental products to your online product offering, selling and managing your inventory on the Moder platform. Whether selling a SUP board, snowshoes, bikes or boats renting equipment has never been easier.

Everything included

Benefit from all the cool features of Moder, from the GuestApp to easy pricing, naturally available for your activity and rental business as well.

Operate activities and rentals

Manage your resources. Assign groups or excursions to your guides, instructors and other workforce. Effortlessly generate worklists.

Spa Management

Sell and oversee daily spa treatments and treatment room availability, while keeping track of therapists at hand, shared facilities and their capacity.

Dinner bookings & upselling

Book tables and sell food & beverage products through your booking funnel, whether at time of booking online or post-booking and in-stay through the GuestApp.


Tailored packages for every need

Customize packages and tailor upselling funnels for all your customer segments. Whether it’s couples, families, or sports enthusiasts, you can create packages specific to their needs.

Design seasonal packages combining accommodation with agile extras that change depending on the season. Create a range of intuitive packages adding timeslot-based activities to your offering.

Bundle your unique travel products and experiences and create more revenue.

Accommodation packages

Combine accommodation products with activities and extra services, creating new products for specific customer segments and seasons.

Activity and excursion packages

Create attractive activity and excursion packages that integrate additional services, ranging from rentals to food and beverages.

Unique package pricing

Set prices for your packages according to the pricing strategy that best suits your business: seasonal, length of stay, per person, daily price or even dynamic pricing.

Smoothly manage your travel packages

Sell and operate your packages in one system. All relevant information is easily available for frontdesk, guides, waiters and maintenance, in mobile and desktop.

Packages linked to real-time availability

Eliminate the risk of overbookings with Moder's integrated resource management tools and one-system approach. All packages linking to real-time availability allowing you to bundle and sell in the fastest and most reliable way.

Hawkhill Cottage Resort

Conferencing spaces and events

Take control of your conference spaces with Moder! A simplified process for hotels and resorts to rent out and oversee their conference and meeting rooms. Eliminate the need to manage multiple calendars, track bookings or navigate complex billing systems.

With Moder, everything is centralized and accessible from anywhere, allowing you to handle bookings, billing, and room setup with just a few clicks.

Booking engine for conferencing spaces

Create conference packages with unique pricing, combining room rental with extra services and equipment relevant to each space.

Group bookings for conferencing and events

Book and manage complete group bookings for conferences and events, linking conference room bookings to accommodation and other time-slot based activities. Add tailored extra services, rental equipment, as well as food and beverage to the group booking directly.

Events invoicing and group billing

Manage and invoice your events directly from Moder. Room reservations, spaces, restaurant services, all in one invoice or separate folios directly from the Moder invoicing suite.

eInvoicing coming soon.

Proposals and Bids

Create proposals linking to your packages and products. Convert offers to reservations and invoice customers all with one system.

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Let guests take control of their stay

Elevate your guests’ experience and generate revenue beyond room bookings with our GuestApp.

Deliver a streamlined digital check-in experience, simplify the upselling process, and ensure full product availability.

Easily gather feedback and communicate with guests, improving your services based on direct customer feedback.

Guest card directly in your PMS

Guests can fill in their pre-filled guest card in Moder. The info is registered directly to the reservation info.

Keyless entry

Deliver PIN codes or let guests remotely operate their room lock via the GuestApp.

Dynamic upselling of your extras

Select which extras are available in the guest app. All extras link to real-time availability, meaning no more requests.

Just direct sales.

Payments and receipts

Guests can make secure payments and access their receipts for their reservations through GuestApp.

Reservation details in one place

From check-in time to arrival instructions. All info for the guest in one place.

Digital Product Folder

Create a digital folder detailing your services and package inclusions for the guest through the GuestApp. From itineraries to menus and house rules, this folder can be designed to suite your business.


Marketplace feature

Collaborate with your local partners and resellers through Moder’s Marketplace feature. Select which products you want to offer through your partner network, broadening your commercial reach, while finding complimentary products for your webshop.

Marketplace features are available for all product types including accommodation, time-slots and rental equipment.

The marketplace features give you the power to collaborate!

Collaborate with your local partners

Cross-sell products through your partner network using Moder's marketplace features.

Go wild! Create a new business and separate webshop together with your partners, bringing together your combined offering in a destination or tour operator platform.

Build destination packages

Create attractive travel packages together with your partners. Share resources and leverage availability, developing unique experiences in destination-led bundles.

Brokerage sales

Moder’s brokerage platform allows you to manage sales and supply for a destination with ease and transparency. Setup product owners, commissions and supply management in Moder, complete with full-circle reporting for you and product owners.

Sustainability & responsibility

Sustainability and your travel business

Moder wants to make sustainability practical and profitable for your travel business. We incorporate the measurement and analysis of your company’s CO2 emissions directly into your PMS system. Share resources within your company and your community promoting the idea of sharing rather than buying.

Social sustainability - Marketplace and cross-selling

Share resources through Moder’s cross-selling features. You can do this within your company or with your community.

Longer stays through dynamic upselling

Enable longer stays by offering agile extras for your guests. Longer stays are way more sustainable than short stints.

CO2 emission calculation for travel business

Moder calculates your company’s CO2 emissions directly in the PMS. We also offer certification for CO2 emissions through our esteemed partner, Carbonwise.

In development
Sustainable analytics

Combine CO2 emission data to your business analytics and a modern view on cost cutting. Gain vital information about your long-term profitability.

Create charity donations

You can create charity donations in Moder. This enables your customers to donate to your selected charity.


Automation through integrations

Moder integration app is connected to key players in the hospitality business from sales channels to restaurant systems, not forgetting locking systems.

We are constantly expanding our integrations, so remember to look at this space for updates!

Salto security

Industry-leading electronic locking solutions for markets across the globe.

Fisafe security

Finnish digital security and locking partner.


Through RemoteLock's extensive platform you can connect to 15+ lock providers from Yale to Igloo home.


Reliable locking for hotels and resorts.


Rollock is a Finnish access control and smart locking system manufactured in Finland. The story of Rollock began with the idea of two brothers to combine traditional locking solutions with the possibilities offered by digital technology.

Iloq locking

Finnish locking partner.


The best Finnish sales channels for high-end villas and cottages.

Venuu - events

The biggest sales channel in Finland for venues.

Beds24 integration

Through Beds24 Moder can reach over 60 different sales channels big and small.

Optiwatti heating

AI enhanced heating solution for your hotel or resort.

Moder iCal feed

Moder support iCal starndard. You can easily integrate into many other platforms.

POS - Restolution integration

Restolution Restaurant System Cash register systems, payment terminals and services for the entire hospitality industry.

Big things coming in 2023

On the roadmap

We are an agile travel tech company and our product is our main focus. We want to make it perfect for our customers. We actively gather feedback and also through our Innovation Partnership -program to always develop what you need, but necessarily don’t know yet.

Moder POS

You asked for it, we built it.

Sustainability Technology

Heavy focus on briging new tools and technologies for hotels and resorts, to make their business as sustainable as possible.

Dynamic pricing with AI

We are doing research and development with modern AI (Machine learning) led pricing tools, which will be available for all Moder clients!

In development

We are doing a research to figure out, what the future of Travel business analytics looks like. Includes a look into pricing.

Enhanced workforce communication

Improve communication between your departments. Send information to your guides, restaurant staff, managers, etc, through integrated notes.

Gift card feature

Easy to create and sell. Gift cards can be used in your webshop.


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