Everything your travel business needs.

Moder has been developed for the needs of Nordic travel business to have one simple system to cover all areas of business.

Moder streamlines your business and reduces the amount of manual work.

All features are carefully designed and based on the accommodation business.

Moder has been developed from one travel entrepreneur to another.

Start using

Start using directly online. No expensive and time consuming deployment projects.

If you wish, we will help you the deployment and migration. Ask more.

Business development

In addition to a booking system, Moder enables a comprehensive development of your business. Moder generates accurate data on what works well in your business and where there is room for improvement.


Plan your work week effortlessly and carry out daily work systematically. All the information is available in the right place at the right time. Share a limited view with your cleaning partner directly from the ERP and they will be directly informed of any changes.


We created an advanced pricing model that allows you to adjust prices according to the situation – easier than ever before.

Pricing is based on daily base prices and price rules. Together they allow you to raise or lower the price level according to your needs.

All devices

Moder frees you from your workstation. It works on phones, tablets and computers no matter where you are. Welcome to freedom.

Booking and payment processes

Automatic booking process from online payments to customer communications.

When you receive real-time information about the new booking, the money is already on its way to your account. The moder’s direct online payments minimize credit loss risks.

Our partner Paytrail offers a wide range of secure payment options, from online banks to credit cards and part payment.

CO2 -calculation

Calculating the carbon footprint and minimizing it is the task of every company for the future of all of us.

In the moder, it happens effortlessly. Using your company’s basic data, we are able to calculate the carbon footprint of the entire business. We also offer suggestions on how to reduce the carbon footprint and also solutions for compensation.

Channel manager

The moder gives you control of more than 50 top sales channels, from Booking to Airbnb and, for example, Google’s Hotel Ads.
Important domestic sales channels such as Mökkivuokra.fi.

Important domestic sales channels such as Mökkivuokra.fi.

We made them easy.

Most of the online store now takes place on a phone. Visiting your website and looking for a room to book is the customer’s first practical experience with your business.
We want to make sure this first impression is a good one!

Features in Moder

Pricing and payments

Pricing and payments

Revenue management made easy

Easy to create basic pricing and price rules that you can adjust flexibly to your business needs. You can quickly raise or lower specific prices to your market needs or just automate it.

Pricing and payments

Pricing per person

The person-based price increases your daily prices, when there are more guests staying at your accommodation. The price can be added per reservation or per night.

Pricing and payments

Long stay discounts

You can add pricing rules that lower the nightly price as the stay gets longer. For example you can add a weekly or monthly discount to your pricing, or make the first night 30 % more expensive.

Pricing and payments

Extra services

Freely create extra services for the property that are offered as part of the booking process. Additional services may included in the price (e.g. final cleaning) or they can be additional services like pet supplement or mountain bike rentals. Every extra services have their own inventory.

Pricing and payments

Flexible arrival date

Optimize your booking rate by offering your customers a flexible arrival date, making it easier for them to find free accommodation even in the next few days of the period they are looking for.

Pricing and payments

Dynamic pricing

You can create dynamic pricing rules that work automatically. For example, if your occupancy rate rices above 70 per cent, add +15% to the pricing.

In development

Pricing and payments

Extra services development

We will be adding pictures and inventory to the extra services that you can sell with your accommodation.

In development

Pricing and payments

Payment methods: Visa, Master and others!

Moder uses Paytrail (part of Nets Group) payment system. Our customers have a wide range of payment methods available ranging from Visa to Paypal.

Pricing and payments

POS System

An important part of tourism activities is the cash register system. We develop Moder’s cashier system to work seamlessly with your entire travel business to pay for reporting.

Coming later

Pricing and payments

Discount Codes

Discount codes allow you to offer discounts to loyalty customers, create your own pricing for companies, and then market more efficiently!

Pricing and payments

Last minute offers

You can create a price rule that calculates the daily price if there are two days or less until arrival. The discount is shown to the customer as the last-moment price.

Coming later




Moder is connected to Booking.com, the world’s leading hospital sales channel. Booking information goes both ways, removing manual maintenance from you and minimizing duplicate bookings



AirBnB is one of the fastest growing sales channels and can also be used by moders



Expedia manages several internationally significant sales channels. The interface to Moder is currently still under development


Rollock Automated Locking Systems

Rollock is a Nordic company with very innovative locking systems that can be managed via Moder.

Front desk and ERP

Moder’s advanced ERP simplify your daily tasks. You can see the relevant activities from cleaning and check-ins to the booked leisure activities in one view. At reception use filters to see current check-in and check-out information.

You can share a selected view with your external cleaning partner in compliance with data protection. Separate cleaning lists are now no longer necessary.

Manage and control your business from one place.

Booking system and webshop.

Yout best OTA.

Your website will become your best sales channel by adding the search and reservation functions. The Paytrail services included.

Easy to use and just as easy to buy.

The customer can search for available accommodation, browse it over and make a reservation either with a mobile device or desktop.

Sell your additional services on your website

Moder brings you your own online store where you can sell additional services, rent equipment or even sell activities to your guests.

Improve your cash flow through pricing

Pricing in Moder is easy and only takes a few minutes. High and low seasons can also be taken into account, regardless of whether they are days or months are long. Automated price rules ensure that prices are always correct. Moder ansures optimal pricing, regardless of the season.

The integrations you need.

The tourism ecosystem is complex and success requires a smooth flow of information. We built Moder an excellent integration platform with which you can join the systems that are important to you, whether they are regional or international.

Moder integrates with the most important OTA channels, such as Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, Mökkivuokra.fi.

Building automation is an integral part of the accommodation business. Moder has integration with various interlock automation and heating control systems. All this in one interface.

We want to make it as easy as possible to run a hospitality company.