We take care of our customers

We’re in this to create something truly remarkable for our customers. We’re all about solving the problems that our customers face, and we’re not afraid to go the extra mile to make sure they’re getting the best experience possible.

Hilltop Forest

Hospitality professionals stand by you

Our onboarding and customer support team members are hospitality experts with years of experience in hotels and resorts all over the world. They know what you do, and what you need from system support.

We’ve got you!


We will create your very own Moder, assist you in setting it up, and customize it to align with your business needs and brand.

Your key personnel will receive comprehensive training in efficiently running - and growing - your business with Moder, through carefully planned training sessions.

Customer Support

We are only one phone call or email away. Our Customer Support team is here to answer your questions and help you every step of the way.

Shoot us e-mail at support@moder.fi. We usually get back to you within 2-3 hours.

For urgent enquiries, always call us.

Brainstorming and workshop sessions

One size never fits all, and sometimes a little mutual brainstorming is needed to figure out how Moder can best accommodate your new business ventures.

Book a workshop session with our founder/CEO, Matti, or any of our other hospitality pros. Together we can figure out how you could develop your business and get the most out of Moder.

Moder Innovation Partner

We want to hear from our customers who are on the frontlines of hospitality and how the your needs are evolving.

We accept Pioneers of Travel to participate in our Moder Innovation Partner Program. We have quarterly workshops launching new features, testing ideas and listening to demand from the market.

Moder customer support

Our customer support team is on the front line, gathering valuable feedback that helps shape our product and allows us to deliver top-notch service to every single one of our customers.

Customer support
Support hours Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 16:00.
Emergency support

In urgent situations outside of our regular hours and if the use of the service is prevented, support requests can be made by phone at +358 50 346 9441.

Target resolution times for fault situations

During office hours, the problem will be addressed within 2 hours of the fault starting and the fault report being received. In critical fault situations (preventing or limiting use), the problem will be attempted to be resolved within 8 hours.

Service level

The service provider does everything possible to ensure that the service is available to the customer 24/7 without interruptions. However, it is possible for outages to occur, and they will be fixed as quickly as possible. The target utilization rate is at least 99.5% during the monthly review period. The service provider is not responsible for any problems or financial losses caused by service interruptions. The customer will be notified of any possible maintenance outages two weeks in advance.

For clarity, it is stated that the service provider is not responsible for outages resulting from general communication network installation, modification, or maintenance activities, serious cybersecurity threats to the software service, or if required by law or government order, or due to force majeure.