We are looking for a Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer for our tech team! Are you interested in travel, a passionate coder and want to be involved in saving the world? Read on!

Moder is a travel technology start-up with a mission to make travel easy and responsible. We offer an all-in-one tool for the pioneers of tourism. Moder enables travel companies to modernize their business reservation system, manage OTA sales channels and, for example, calculate its carbon footprint. Our customers are hotels, resorts and program service providers in Finland and abroad. Moder was launched in May 2021 and we have already gained about 40 corporate customers. Growth is strong and you will be among the first employees to be hired as the pace of growth starts to accelerate.

At Moder, you will get to work with pioneers of the tourism industry. We have a strong vision where the tourism industry is heading and we want to support travel business in this change. We believe that a truly responsible business is the cornerstone of tourism. Our founders are professionals in the travel industry and Moder was originally developed to run your own travel business.

Moder is a fair employer and we have no hierarchy. At Moder you can learn a lot and develop your skills! Most of the work is independent, but if you hit a snag, we will sparr as a team. Leisure and family are important values at Moder. Working hours are not tied to the 9-to-5 model.

We expect from you:

  • You are interested in travelling
  • You are passionate about coding and are familiar with our technology
  • You enjoy working independently
  • You bring up issues sooner rather than later
  • The want to learn and develop with our company
  • You actually want to understand the problems travel businesses have and then solve it

Our stack consists of Vue.js (JavaScript), Laravel (PHP) and Node.js (TypeScript). Other technical things that you should be familiar with include SQL, object-oriented programming, as well as using and creating interfaces. Our environment relies on Azure’s various platforms (App Service, MySQL, Functions, Service Bus…). It doesn’t matter if  you’re not at the guru in all of these, you will get to learn something new! The most important thing is interest and desire to develop!

You must be interested in what we have been doing lately and, on the other hand, what we have in the pipeline. Some of our recent product developments:

  • Travel client application
  • Automatic customer messages
  • CO2 calculation for a travel company
  • Integration into sales channels (e.g., Airbnb, Expedia)
  • Improving the purchasingability of e-commerce and the reservation system

In the pipeline:

  • Dynamic pricing by occupancy
  • Advanced analytics: combining CO2 calculation results with traditional metrics (price / night, occupancy, etc.) = responsible decisions
  • Customer-specific service personalization
  • Improving Moder ecommerce conversion based on user data
  • Integrations with different Property Management Systems
  • Development of a program service entrepreneur tool
  • Development of an easy-to-use cash register system
  • Utilization of machine learning, for example in connection with dynamic pricing

We offer you (in our opinion) amazing co-workers, tools, the opportunity to work flexibly and we will pay a salary of 3.500-5.500 €, depending on your skills.

If you are excited, let us know about your skills and experience or send us your CV by e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you.

Need more information? Contact Matti. You can best reach him on 050 34 69 441. If the phone is busy, send a Whatsapp, and Matti will call you back.