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All you need to run your hotel or resort

Moder is the modern, all-you-need PMS for hotels and resorts to manage and grow your business. Manage and sell you entire hospitality experience all in one easy-to-use system.


Modern all-you-need system for your travel company

Manage your accommodation with ease on Moder the modern PMS. Best suited for resorts, boutique hotels, small & medium-sized hotels and destinations.

Combine activities and experiences on the same platform as your overnight products and room rentals.

Tailor customized packages for your customer segments to create unforgettable experiences for your guests.

Property Management System

Manage your entire hospitality business with Moder. Complete with reservations management, resource management, operational maintenance and housekeeping tools, customer communication, invoicing and so much more.

Activities and experiences

With Moder, sell, upsell and manage products and activities based on different timeslots, all on one platform. Whether your guests are booking directly through your website, adding on post-booking or during stay, get ready to sell any combination of hospitality products at any time.

Booking engine for all travel products and packages

Combine and sell your hospitality products, using our synchronised packaging tool to create unique packages with their own tailored extras. Why not take your website to the next level and use our modular webshop, creating a unique booking funnel for different customer segments.

Easy to use on any device

Moder, designed with cloud technology and ease of use in mind, is built as a mobile-first application emphasizing user-friendly operation. We aim to provide you with the most straightforward tool for managing your hotel or resort

Putting sustainability at the heart of hospitality business

Incorporate the measurement and analysis of your company's CO2 emissions directly into your PMS system. Connect Moder with your heating solution to optimize energy usage. Our aim is to empower your business with a practical dashboard along with modern management tools that not only allow you to evaluate your environmental impact effectively, but also manage your profitability efficiently.

In development

Trusted by pioneers of travel

Sustainability and high standard of customer service is important to us at Hawkhill. We want our customers to receive excellent service from the get go. Moder frees up our time by automating repeating tasks like customer messaging. This way we can focus on customers and developing our services. Moder makes sure that all the information is in the right place at the right time and we can follow our business from one clear-to-use service. We grow and save tens of hours a month with Moder.

We chose Moder as our PMS for its user-friendliness and easy-to-use booking engine. With our previous PMS pricing took days, now we can do it in hours. Adding products only takes a couple of minutes and sending invoices even less. Automatic messaging and sales channel integrations work flawlessly.

Moder's customer support is friendly and questions will ne answered momentarily. We also feel heard and that our development ideas are taken seriously.


Pricing that enables growth

Moder grows with you. It is in our interest to increase your turnover.

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