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More than a booking system.

Moder simplifies and automates your travel business. Get advanced front desk tools, smart analytics and an easy-to-use interface to support your business. Manage your entire travel business with one simple tool.

All-in-one tool for your travel business

  • Manage your entire business with one software
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Channel management of more than 50 OTAs
  • Daily ERP
  • Versatile invoicing
  • Learning and intelligent system
  • CO2 calculation
  • Revolutionary pricing

Our customers

Make your property unforgettable

Cottages and villas

Moder takes care of all the needs in your travel business. We bring automation, integrations and an easy interface to make your operation easier.


Moder has all the features to run your hotel business. Several hotels have switched to Moder due to its features.


Moder has been developed to take over the resort business and bring you substantial time savings in day-to-day operations.

takes care.

Moder handles booking processes, payment transactions and sales channels, as well as the management of daily cleaning and maintenance tasks. Moder effectively monitors and reports on your entire business and tells you how you are doing: what is doing great and where to improve.

Moder streamlines your business and frees up your time.

Solutions for the entrepreneur


Digitalization reduces mistakes but also the amount of work you need to do manually.

Detailed information

Accurate and real-time information about your business to make the right decisions.


Manage all your booking channels from one place. Know what you need to do today and plan your entire week or month.

A modern and simple tool to streamline your business and improve quality.

Responsibility and the high quality of our service are important to us at Hawkhill. We want our customers to receive excellent service from the first encounter. Thanks to Moder’s digital platform, we can focus on customer service and service development. Moder makes sure all the information is in the right place at the right time and we can track our business with one simple tool.

With Moder we grow faster and save dozens of hours each month.

Annu Huotari / COO
Hawkhill Cottage Resort