What if running a hotel or a resort was easy?

Running a resort or a hotel is difficult. It is especially hard, when you don’t have easy to use intuitive tools to run it. How do we know this? We have personally faced this issue from an entrepreneur’s point of view. Moder was born out of the frustration of a travel entrepreneur, when operating a business was way too complicated. As a result we imagined an easy to use modern system, that could sell and operate all travel products and take into an account all aspects of the travel company.

Our Story

It all started with a problem

Matti, our Co-Founder and CEO, is a third generation resort entrepreneur at Hawkhill Resort. He has been running a high-end resort for over a decade and has extensive experience in operating, developing and building a successfull travel business. Matti was trying to find a tool, that would support the growth and development of a modern hospitality business. “We needed a product that would allow you to operate accommodations, rentals and activities all in one system. The product must be easy to use and mobile-first.” On the search for this tool it turned out, that it did not exist on the market.

The problem needed to be resolved. Our Co-Founders Matti and Anu started gathering a team of seasoned developers and UI designers to build a product that was modern, easy to use, could handle all travel products and would answer to future needs of hospitality business.

Moder was born.

Our vision for travel tech

A travel company’s best friend

We truly wanted to create something that supports you in running your business. To keep this always in our mind with everything we do, we wrote it in our strategy as one of the founding principals.

Our vision

Travel company’s best tool to operate every aspect of their business with ease and efficiency.

Hilltop Forest
Our vision for travel tech

Forerunner in Sustainable Travel Tech

We want to make the world a better place. This is why we are using Moder as a tool to do it. Our goal is to build tools for our customers and the travellers to be more sustainable in all the ways possible.

We believe that most people want to do the right thing, but its sometimes difficult to know what that is. By bringing easy to use tools into your daily operating systems (like CO2 emission calculation, tips and tricks on how to lower emissions), we truly that together we make an impact.

Our mission

Make travel sustainable and easy by offering the best digital tool

Our vision for Moder

Our values

As our Co-Founder Anu said wisely ”we want to create a company where we always would have wanted to work, but we feel hasn’t existed”. We want to be a company where values matter and truly guide the business operations. The one where a customer is a truly valued partner and where people enjoy their work, collegues and are valued as individuals.

  • We build for our customers – not for us, or our investors. ​
  • We take responsibility for our actions, the environment & climate and people working for and with us. ​
  • Culture is key in building the company we have always wanted to work in. We believe the best in people and don’t work with assholes.

Our team

We are a team of Moderinos, who love travel and creating a better world.

Matti Ala-Outinen
CEO, Co-Founder
Anu Ala-Outinen
COO, Co-Founder
Sampo Puheloinen
Sales Guru
Joonas Kilponen
International Sales
Katja Kiiskilä
Customer Success Lead
Katja Surkka
Customer Success Specialist
Antti Korhonen
Head of Product
Ville Glad
Lead Developer, Partner
Henri Ikonen
Data Scientist
Hawkhill Cottage Resort

Career at Moder?

We are constantly looking for gurus, nerds and astronauts in all our teams.

At Moder, we work with a good vibe, and all our employees are committed to the principles we have recorded in our employee handbook we call The Mökkikirja (“Cottage Book” in english).